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Selling or Buying a Business in Toronto GTA and Surrounding Regions in Ontario

Welcome to our resource website dedicated to the purchase and sale of businesses in Ontario, Canada. Please feel free to explore our resources and don't hesitate to contact us for more specific information.

Selling a Business
We have authored a variety of articles dedicated to business sellers describing the best practices for selling businesses as well as pitfalls to avoid in order to obtain a fair market value for your business within a reasonable time even in the most difficult markets. Please click on the following links to check our articles for business sellers.

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While writing these articles, Omar put all his efforts to make them as practical as possible by drawing from his real life experience as a business broker in Toronto as well as his MBA specialized in entrepreneurship. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you are interested in selling your business in Ontario or if you are interested in one of our businesses for sale. Please keep in mind that we diligently follow a process for selling our businesses . We don't provide specific information about our businesses over the phone or email. We meet serious buyers in our offices, qualify them and have them sign a Non Disclosure Agreement before giving them any specific information about our businesses. We also test their motivation to insure that they are emotionally and financially ready to buy a business. We have authored a blog titled Selling a Business especially dedicated to business sellers and another blog for business buyers.

Buying A Business
Our articles dedicated to business buyers explore and streamline the business buying process. We highly recommend that potential buyers do serious research about this process before spending huge amounts of time and money. Our articles draw on our personal experience as business brokers to help business buyers avoid some costly mistake and be successful in purchasing the right business for them.

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Business Valuation

The subject of business valuations is very intriguing for both business sellers and buyers. Business owners looking into selling their companies want to sell for the maximum price they can get without scaring off potential buyers. Finding the right value becomes a paramount to achieve this double goal However, the common mistake is to believe that there is a magic formula that will predict exactly what the business will sell for every time. This cannot be further from the truth. The price a business will fetch will depend on the perceived value for the buyer. In general terms if the business appeals to a large number of buyers and if no other similar business is on the market in the same time, then the price paid for the business will be higher. No formula can predict exactly how "sexy" a business or an industry is at every single time. Trends change constantly and what appears to be "sexy" today might not be tomorrow!

Most accountants tend to give their opinion of value to their clients, both business buyers and sellers. Unfortunately, not all accountants are trained specifically in the subject of valuation. Accountants with business valuation accreditations such as Certified Business Valuators, CVB, understand both importance and the limitations of valuation formulas and explain them clearly to their clients letting them make their own informed decision about the prices they want to ask for the businesses they want to sell or the price they want to pay for the businesses they want to acquire.



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