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Selling Your Business

If you are considering selling your business but are not sure where to start then check our business sale process for a short description of the detailed steps involved in the sale of a small or medium size company. In general terms, the sale of a business is only one of the possible exit strategies that can be considered by a business owner.

Serious introspective research must be done by the business owner to think about the reasons he/she is considering selling. If you are selling for the wrong reasons then you will waste tremendous time and money with very poor results. Our Business Sellers Blog goes through some tips and tricks about the sale process.

We provide business brokerage services using our unique approach that has helped us close a large nimber of successful transactions in the past few years:

  1. We are the business brokerage with the largest internet presence in Canada.
  2. Our approach to protecting our clients' confidentiality is inequaled.
  3. Our fees are only success based fees (we only get paid when we sell your business).
  4. We Can help with business valuation and we don't charge for it.

These strengths help us provide an excellent service to you for the following reasons:

  1. Statistics have proved that more than 70% of business buyers look on the Internet first, so our Internet presence help us generate a huge number of leads for your business.
  2. We only provide your information to business buyers who have been seriously qualified and who signed a confidentiality agreement an provide identification documents so there very little chance that you employees clients or other partners know about the sale before it's consummated.
  3. Your risk is very small since you only pay us when we sell your business. While this is common practice in real estate, it is not so common in business brokerages only specialized in the sale of businesses (especially larger businesses).
  4. We provide you with an approximation of a reasonable asking price for your business and that is also risk free since you only pay when we sell your business.



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