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Articles about Selling a Business

The following table contains a list of our articles written specifically for owners contemplating the sale of their businesses. I have drawn from my years of experience as a business broker to provide specific examples and situations to learn from in the future. I strongly advice business owners to learn as much as they can about the process of selling a business before embarking in the long journey of selling a business. It is particularly important to have realistic expectations in terms of price, terms and the time necessary to close a transaction. The articles below should answer a large number of questions that intrigue business owners. There are also a variety of books written on the subject. Unfortunately most books are written about the US market and do not necessary apply to the small and less liquid canadian marketplace. These article have been written in Toronto about the the business for sale marketplace in the Greater Toronto Area.

Title Article Description
Timeframe for Selling a Business
Selling in a Small Ontario City
Selling a Middle Market Business
Selling a company requires Patience

Is Now a Good Time To Sell?

Detailed Business Sale Process

Who Are Business Buyers?

Some Businesses Wanted

To Sell or Not to Sell?

Selling a Business – Tips and Tricks

What to do after selling your business?

after owners have sold their businesses, a period of regret and remorse could follow with devastating impact on the seller moral and,or health condition. Sellers must therefore plan beforehand their life after selling. The more precise the plan the easier the transition.

How to Qualify Business Buyers?

One of the most challenging aspect of the sale of a business is qualifying potential buyers. Since the vast majority of potential buyers never buy any business in their lives, a failure to properly qualify buyers can have a devastating effect on the seller psychology after talking to tens of buyers and not getting a single offer.

Business Brokers Licensing

Sellers must understand that the business brokerage profession is regulated by the Real Estate and Business Brokers Act (REBBA). Sellers should not work with non licensed individuals to avoid possible liabilities.
Due diligence is a frightening stage for most business sellers. We strongly advise business owners to avoid any misrepresentation or even exaggeration about the merits of their business. Buyers expect most businesses not to be perfect, so stating the good and the bad up front is not only good for due diligence but also a great sales strategy.
This article shed some light on how to start research for a possible sale of a business.
this article focused on the most frequent mistakes (as per our experience as business brokers) made by business owners looking into selling and addresses how the mistakes could be avoided.
The recent recession has been devastating to many business and also dramatically reduced the number of business sale transaction. However, businesses who are still reasonably profitable can still sell at premium prices given the very low supply of businesses in this exceptional period. Some business sellers would certainly be better-off selling now rather that waiting for the recovery.
this is an overlooked subject that few people talk about in business. Most business owners tend to exaggerate the virtues of their businesses and avoid talking about any of drawbacks. This not only makes most buyer suspicious but also puts the seller in a very difficult position during due diligence. price get renegotiated downward and deals fall apart with huge costs for both buyers and sellers.
The possible sale of a business comes as an easy option to escape from a money losing business with no apparent exit from the owner. This cannot be further from the truth as most unprofitable businesses never get sold. A lot of time and money is waited in the process with very little chances of success.

Why Sell a Business?

Their are multiple reasons for owner to sell their businesses. Some such as retirement and boredom are more frequent than others. Some are legitimate and others are not.

Emotions While Selling or Buying a Business!

Most sellers will go through emotional swings when trying to sell their companies. These swings tend to irritate buyers and increase the chances for deals to fall apart. Sellers should understand this phenomenon beforehand and recognize it when it strikes them. Its impact would be therefore reduced.

Are Business Brokers Worth Their Fees

Some business owners don`t understand the value provided by business brokers and see a reason for such high fees. This article explain how business brokers help business sellers realize their dreams.






















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